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Enrollment Process

Potential Littles, along with their families, are screened to ensure that our mentoring programs are the best fit for the Little's needs. The intake process for a child includes the completion of an in-home interview with the child and his/her parent/guardian to determine eligibility, needs, interests, and abilities. The child is then placed on a waiting list until a suitable mentor is identified.

Our program currently has a waiting list for Littles. Youth are matched with a Big as new volunteers are available and according to the right "fit" for the child. Some Littles are fortunate and are matched quite quickly but some Littles are on the waitlist for much longer. Some children age out of the program before we can find a match for them.

Steps to Become a Little

  • APPLY: Complete the online Enrollment Form to provide us with general information about you, your family, and your children.
  • INTERVIEW: Meet with us so we can get to know you and your children to help us to make the best possible match.
  • CONNECT: Select and meet your Big who will have passed a rigorous screening, assessment, and background check to ensure safety. The Parent/Guardian has the opportunity to meet and approve the Big before we make a match. 
  • MATCH SUPPORT: See how a Big, with the professional support of Big Brothers Big Sisters, can 

Your questions, answered.

Who are our Bigs?

Bigs are at least 18 years old and want to make a difference in the life of a child. These mentors are friends, role models, advocates and someone to stand with children as they realize their full potential.

How are Bigs screened and trained?

Child safety, match consistency and positive outcomes are our top priority. The application process includes: application, confirmation of identity via social security number and drivers license, criminal history background check, driving record check, auto insurance verification, personal/family references, an extensive interview, an in-home assessment, and ongoing volunteer training and support.

What is the role of the family?

The role of a family is very important: supporting the friendship, encouraging communication, scheduling with the Big, and being responsive to BBBS staff once your child is matched are all essential.

How does BBBS choose a Big for my child?

Our team will learn more about both the Big and the Little at the in-home interview and that will help us prepare for the matching process. Matches are made based on many factors. Our professional enrollment and matching team looks for Bigs that they think will be a good fit based on where they live, personality and interests, life experiences, academic and career interests, etc.

What happens after my child is matched to a Big?

That’s when the fun begins! Matches typically meet weekly for a couple hours. Bigs and Littles choose when they hang out together and what they do (with parent permission, of course). You and your child will have a dedicated professional staff member throughout your child's Match that will monitor the Match and offer resources for you and your family.

How long will my child be matched?

We ask for a minimum commitment of one year for each Match we make. That is often not the end, though - many of our friendships end up lasting a lifetime. Matches can remain active with BBBS until the child reaches 21 years old.

What is the cost of the program?

There is no charge for families to join Big Brothers Big Sisters, and throughout the year, we host fun, enriching and free activities for youth/families on our waiting list as well as matched youth.

Ready to enroll your child?

Life is hard—we all experience ups and downs, and we know the more people you have in your corner, the better. We'd love the opportunity to provide your child with another positive, adult role model to help them ignite their own potential.

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