Step 1

SIL has a two-step process where some of the youth first live in the home of an adult and pay rent.

The youth, homeowner, and U.P. KIDS sign an agreement that spells out the responsibilities of each party. The adult homeowner (or renter) doesn’t have supervisory responsibilities but does agree to set house rules, act as a role model, and have regular contact with the U.P. KIDS staff.

Step 2

The second step is for youth ready to live in their own residence (with support).

In both steps, U.P. KIDS staff meets at least weekly with the youth. During these visits the staff ensures that the youth are fulfilling the educational and employment requirements of the program.

The staff also provides support services and education related to a variety of work, finance, relationship, and life skill areas. Each visit is also an opportunity to measure progress and continue an ongoing assessment of the youth’s needs.